Run with me in my perpetual haste. Meander with me in my devious course. Wander with me in my desperate search. Slalom with me through my discordant vacillation. Wade with me through my hopeless misery. Sink with me in my unrequited love. Spin with me in my eddying emotion. Cruise with me through my youthful fantasy. Flow with me in my surging spontaneity. Swim with me in my divine euphony. Float with me in my phantasmal heaven. Whirl with me in my fragile bubble. Fly with me as I escape reality

Monday, May 23, 2005


around the bend

I look around with big frightened eyes
I cannot cry out for there’s no one to hear me,
I look back, there’s no one behind me.
I put my foot forward and take it back in a hurry,
I take a few steps and turn back in a flurry.
For miles ahead all I see is a maze of paths,
Each with its own bends,
Teasing me with their mystery,
Beckoning to me, as I stand on the threshold.
I don’t know where each one leads.
All I know is- There’s no turning back once I step in.
Reason deserts me, questions crowd my mind…

Will I step away from the familiar road I have trudged all this while?

Will I have to cut a new path through thick, untouched bushes?

Will I fall off this steep cliff I have laboriously climbed?

Or will I climb even higher before I fall?

Will I get hurt on the way? If I do will I have the strength to rise and continue?

Can I take a peek, a preview, before I decide to make the turn?

Will I be confronted by gods or demons?

Will I find a companion, to cry and laugh with, to share my mirth and misery with?

Will there be a guardian angel to guide me through this deceptive journey?

Will I have the courage to tread a new path if I find myself at a dead end?

Will I turn back every now and then, longing for what I left behind?

Will the rain gently refresh me or lash down to punish me?

Will the sun wake me gently everyday or scorch me in its hot wrath?

Will lady luck make me chance on pleasant discoveries that make my journey easier?

Is there a destination? If there is one, will I reach it? If I do, will I like it?

Will I wander astray before I reach?

On reaching when I look into the mirror, will I still see me?

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