Run with me in my perpetual haste. Meander with me in my devious course. Wander with me in my desperate search. Slalom with me through my discordant vacillation. Wade with me through my hopeless misery. Sink with me in my unrequited love. Spin with me in my eddying emotion. Cruise with me through my youthful fantasy. Flow with me in my surging spontaneity. Swim with me in my divine euphony. Float with me in my phantasmal heaven. Whirl with me in my fragile bubble. Fly with me as I escape reality

Monday, December 31, 2007

A year of resolve ahead?

Read more, write more, travel more, focus more, pay more attention to detail, step outside my cocoon and be aware of the world, cook more, become a fitter me, concentrate better, slow down, talk less, sleep (less or more???), life can be improved in a thousand ways...

Yes, it is that time of the year. I am not one to take stock of the previous year and I don't usually make resolutions. But today I am tempted. I embarked on the mental quest for a resolution and realized that a resolution is a self defeating entity. My premise is that a disciplined person does not need to put an oath down on paper, police herself and then reward herself to achieve something as trivial as a visit to the gym everyday or half an hour a day to keep abreast of news. Neither should she wait for a new year to begin these habits. Quitting alcohol or smoking or drugs are graver issues by virtue of being addictions and require more than just discipline. But it is her lack of discipline which gives rise to the need for alternate motivation to develop more mundane habits and to the procrastination until a new year or a birthday to begin. And this very lack of discipline will avenge itself by preventing her from keeping up the resolution successfully. Such is the self defeating nature of a resolution; it arises from a want of discipline which defeats the resolution itself. One could argue that we don't live in an ideal world and that resolutions serve as an anchor, a walking stick that abets noble goals which may otherwise not even be attempted. But unaccompanied by discipline, a resolution reduces to an anchor lowered on quick sand, a walking stick deserted by its owner.

This year I want to court discipline itself, wage war with it, conquer it and own it forever. I'm assuming that discipline is the starting point of achievement and hence can be acquired. For if it cannot be, then nothing can be changed or achieved by an aspirant who is not blessed with it. I'm putting this down on paper now, hoping that soon I will do away with the need to. I could call my quest for discipline an oath, hopefully the last one I will ever make. I'm also imposing on myself the onus of taking stock of my "resolution" a year from now. Sigh... my beautiful, ironical life!

Wish you a Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2007

This blog

Every couple of months I spend long hours reading every post I've made on this blog. I do so to take stock of my writing but end up reliving the actual moments that made me write each post. Today as I read some of the posts, I realize what an important extension of myself this blog has become. I refrain from calling it a "part" of myself because I believe that it is a parallelism built around my commentary on life (in handpicked fonts and justified text). Every post on this blog is witness to ten others relegated to the recycle bin, deemed unfit for public display, at times too unbearable in its honesty.

I come to this blog to pen the unthinkable, to think the unpardonable. This blog is my irrational dream. It is a recourse for my restlessness. It is also my bruised ego. A cupful of joy, my unshed tears, my denied fears. It is my silence, my screaming pain sometimes. It is my unleashed anger at the aberrant world. My helplessness too. My insomnia. My cheated, defeated reason. My will to beat the odds, my intermittent persistence, my bent beaten resignation. This blog is my corner of the universe where reality submits to imagination. It is the reign of conjecture over fact, hypothesis over proof, rebellion over reason. It is a tiny tribute to the belief that Art is God, Effort - worship, Creation - sacred. This blog is the nonzero sum of my rationality, my curiosity and my insanity.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ego! Welcome...

She: You are the single largest demand on my time
He: Come on! You have nothing better to do than talk to me anyway
She: If not for you I would be doing a million other things
He: Fine, so go do what you want. I am not stopping you
She: Yeah right, you are not stopping me. Just that you prevented me from hanging up four times in the past hour
He: Really? I can stop calling you if that's what you want...
She: You would? You can? (snickers)
He: Are you daring me?
She: Maybe...
He: Ok, so how long before I call you next?
She: Hmm... next Wednesday??? As if you can
He: So be it. Till Wednesday then...
She: Great! Bye
He: Bye (slams the phone)
She: (Hangs up with a mischievous grin) I give him one full hour (to herself)

One hour later, there was no call. Two full days passed without a call. The week trudges along, wearier than ever. She pointedly leaves the phone out of her sight all the time. He "distracts" himself through conversations with other women, conversations he neither cares to listen to nor remembers.

Villainous Ego
pitching its tent in hitherto impenetrable quarters...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Windowpane wonderings

Her hands rushed to her ears. She tried to block off the noise, but in vain, for the clamor indeed was inside her head. What everyone construed to be excitement or zest was in fact an uncontrollable restlessness. She chose to fondly call it "infinite energy" instead. It was this restlessness that endeared her to the world around her, the same restlessness that wedged itself between her and the milling masses, immovably so... It instilled in her an undying quest for happiness and a compulsive need for direction. It evoked in her the anger she needed to transcend the hopelessness that surfaced unannounced...

...she watched the river, a thousand feet below. "Is it really flowing?" all the hours she spent staring into its dark depths still left her confused. "How can a river, a flowing river be so serene? Why didn't it bring on a gush of feeling like rivers always did?" She was petulant at nature for letting her down. On the bridge over the river, cars purposefully drove past at alarming speeds. The world within the river was moving equally fast,the cars in the river were racing too, the watery traffic lights turning from bleeding red to blotchy green with mind-numbing regularity. But the river itself, caught in a timelessness of its own, remained unfazed by the urgency of the world it reflected. It refused to be anything more than a faithful mirror that completed the symmetry of nature...

...her hands were still clutching her ears, but the noise had gone away. Her senses were lulled, her mind was fuzzy, the hopelessness had momentarily relented and her restlessness had momentarily receded. "Are you really flowing? May I not have some of your inertness?" she wondered as she enviously pulled the blinds shut...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sleepless Blues

Light, uninvited, squeezes
through the careless window slit,
Yellow grids on vacant blue,
Stories- lurk between the lines

Fluid shadows, Freeze! Please!
Hold still, that sensuous silhouette
One moment to separate
him from her

The lone moon, steps
out of its wooly den,
My darkest thoughts revealed,
in its mazelike crevices

Hunger- Five hours too early,
Take your pangs, Be gone!
Sleep - Ten years too late,
Lend your dreams, Be gone!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I tried to peek into her mind...

She sat, a wasted pen grasped loosely in her hand. Her face was a cascade of emotions. Those eyes flamed with anger, tightly pursed lips screamed of recent resolutions, promises to herself perhaps. Frustration at the humongous effort that never paid back, at time that slipped through her fingers never to be had again. Questions contorted her features- Why am I here? Where am I going? Not a year ago, it seemed picture perfect. Is it just one huge mistake? A comment sailed by, that agreed with the cynicism she felt. Her pen moved on paper, I could discern the slant of her hand from yards away. I could feel the searing force of the pen as if it were piercing through my own skin. Resentment hung around her like an impenetrable curtain.

I wondered if these are just my inferences snatched away from the fleeting expressions on her face. These could be just my thoughts, isolating patterns from the kaleidescope of her feelings. This might be a futile attempt at mind reading. Or my faulty perception and skewed imagination jaundicing simple reality. I sat wondering, when suddenly a small smile, a happy one, stole into her eyes. Those lips, a thin line until then, perked up from that smile. Was it the beloved violin back home, beckoning? Was it favorites from Bach and Mozart, resounding in her head? Was it the sun that had just swam in and brightened the window? But she smiled, a happy smile. Aren't these the very moments that make life worth its while...?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Have you ever felt your life has become an exciting tug of war between fancies and reason... intensity and inertia... heart and mind (allow me the cliché)? It is almost as if someone, with the touch of a wand and a whispered spell, has rendered everything unrecognizable.

Not too long ago, I was young and important and thought I was the sole master of my life. But life has its way of springing these surprises. Surprises that could be nasty, or a much needed reality check, or just an amusing change of scene.

The cynic is tempted to wonder if as we grow older, we slowly spiral down into a vortex of ambivalence and uncertainty. Isn't that moving backwards? Where is all the wisdom I was promised will come with experience? Maybe those important lessons swished past me during an elusive woolgathering moment. Or is it too early for wisdom to reveal itself? I am still a child!

For a change, the cynic was smothered! There is a certain charm in the non-algorithmic tortuous flow of life. There is a promise entwined in the tangles of uncertainty - a promise of a memorable today, the tomorrow of my dreams. The fear causes an onset of boiling wrath that soon hardens into unbending obstinacy against the ravages of fear itself.

The illusion of success could paint itself real... The rainbow could come and stay on forever...
Call it optimism, call it irrationality, call it lust for life. The proverbial speck of light gleams enticingly, maybe the tunnel will end in an ideal world?!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Off guard

All day long I walk amidst a sea of faces, many a plastic smile, many a muttered pleasantry, civilities galore. We share a dingy elevator always making space for one more, united by nothing more than intermittent beeps and bright numbers mechanically blinking at us. We run together, the ceaseless race to reach our respective destinations, none the winner, none the loser.

A wizened gentleman stands before me, expounding the theories of microeconomics, hypothesizing and infering and concluding in turns. I twiddle my pen, intently searching my neighbor's face for a clue to his thoughts. I gaze at the blackboard ahead mildly amused and largely unaffected by the symbols and numbers scrawled across. Random words that, if strung together, might unravel their mysteries issue forth and float past me. My neighbor stirs, our worlds crisscrossing for a brief moment, time enough for a polite nod, for a meaningful shrug at the futility of it all. The professor draws elaborate patterns in the air, his voice rising in excitement. Maybe it is passion, a deep love for his job, if you will. Maybe it is just an ethic to do his job well, to earn a living untainted by the guilt of shirking.

"Passion", I wonder. But where is mine? Does my mind wander away in search of that very passion or does it wander for the pitiful lack of it? Why not meekly submit to the "flow" as they call it? Why the unending quest for fiery passion, lofty goals, perfect love? Why this obsession with elusive superlatives and high ideals? My hands have gone clammy and cold- Fear wielding its power, perhaps? But the seas of home are a million miles away, the welcoming roar of the waves a distant echo in my ear. Those eyes in my mind have lost their spark. Those familiar smiles are fading away, shade after shade. My bookshelf has reduced to the impersonal touch of cold metal. The yellowing books have crumbled in my memory. Pages from Jane Austen and Wodehouse and Voltaire gently superimpose and melt into each other.

Here I am, having relinquished the defences I so painstakingly built. Here I am, a tortoise with no shell to hide beneath.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Playing spectator

It was early evening and vehicles were beginning to trickle in towards the traffic signal. Rush hour traffic was building up, an occasional honk permeated through the swank glass that separated me from the road. I sat in a small cafe with two friends, engaged in an interesting discussion, the kind young people with big dreams indulge in - discussions about people who relentlessly pursue their dreams, about hot jobs and shortcuts to fame, conversations that carefully skirted the periphery of each other's personal life.

"...did you read about this guy who..."

I watched the lucky few who sped past the traffic light as it turned from orange to red and the timer above it began yet another countdown. I could almost feel their tiny thrill at an imagined victory over time. Over a decade of driving in the city has not abated the unfailing excitement I feel every time this happens. The way we let clocks, timers, alarms, phones and answering machines dictate our lives saddens me briefly at such moments of realization. But I've learned not to let the feeling last too long.

My friends had moved on to girls, "...Oh watch out for her. She's gonna be one of the hot ones for sure..." I flashed a knowing smile at this, a grin almost, "Is she the girl you met today?", I asked, though I knew the answer already.

My gaze wandered back to the road, now burgeoning with cars locked fender to fender and shiny motorcycles maneuvering to squeeze themselves in between. There was an urgency in the air. It was the cumulative urgency of men and women hurrying to their waiting sweethearts, of mothers worrying about their hungry children at home, of the occasional loner craving for respite from the mad rush, of those hoping fervently to make it on time for their favorite soaps.

I snapped into the present and smoothly veered back into the conversation, "Oh! Holidays are definitely getting more and more luxurious", I added. It's amazing how a slight nod, a noncommittal acknowledgment or a muttered response issues forth with immaculate timing even at such levels of abstraction.

Far removed from the din and unperturbed by the impatience, I felt disconnected from the muted show outside my window. This evening, for a change, the frenzy was not a part of my universe. But I felt a restlessness in me that shunned the cozy interior of the softly lit cafe. I was clamoring to be a part of the buzzing road. At that moment, all I wanted was those harsh sodium lamps, the honking in my ears, my fair share of that throbbing urgency.

"I just wish I owned an isolated island somewhere", I said aloud to deceive myself...

Friday, June 01, 2007

As I depart...

If I were a dewdrop, I would evaporate without a trace
If I were a snowflake, I would melt away out of shape

If I were a ray of light, you would look away from the glare
If I were a sheet of rain, you would run away to drier abodes

But if I were just a memory, will you not keep me safe
between the myriad folds of your mind?

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Little did I know
that futility indeed
is the aftertaste of satiety...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So what?

Oh yes! I'm quite the cynical cow. This is how I feel most of the time...

Friday, April 06, 2007

Be Mine

Run with me in my perpetual haste
Meander with me in my devious course
Wander with me in my desperate search
Slalom with me through my discordant vacillation
Wade with me through my hopeless misery
Sink with me in my unrequited love
Spin with me in my eddying emotion
Cruise with me through my youthful fantasy
Flow with me in my surging spontaneity
Swim with me in my divine euphony
Float with me in my phantasmal heaven
Whirl with me in my fragile bubble
Fly with me as I escape reality

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

insignificant intimacy, please

saccharine spiels
devised demureness
amorous adoration
casual caresses
exotic erotism
nimble nipping
moaned murmurs
barbaric bacchanalia
flooded fatigue
limpid languor
sated slumber

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Let go!

Pilfer my wing
in a moment of inattention,
Hold it tight, stop
my flight, my fervor, my frenzy.

Cocoon us tight
in this ephemeral chimera,
Weave it closed, paint
a moon, the ocean, our reality.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I turned back slowly, fearfully, even a little hesitantly...

A chain of seemingly connected, truly disparate realities, fragments strung together by some strange whim of nature. A misplaced fantasy- well, hopelessly!

Ellipsis carefully strewn about to beautifully camouflage the uncannily repetitive omissions, or should I say forgotten procrastinations? Negligence- well, nearly!

Ripples, one after the other, incessantly spreading, arch emotions, flitting romance, illusory love, undying lust. Turbulence- well, always!

Tears, both shed and denied, stifled and blinked away, solitude, self-inflicted heartache. Happiness - well, wistfully!

Phantoms, some even real, of thoughts and words and deeds, some said, some swallowed, some loved, some repented. Spontaneity- well, rued!

I turned away sadly, fearfully, even a little too quickly...

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Fingertips, a hummed tune, the moment before you sneeze,
a crumpled sheet of scrawled words, chipped coffee mug, a puppy,
whispered love, a secret meeting place, momentary motionless locked gaze.

If you will allow me some more greed...

An embrace, your voice, the moment before you sleep,
manuscripts of love, the sugar in your coffee, allegiance,
an oath, paradise, eternity.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I'm an inkblot, scattered by an angry whim of the hand.
I'm a footstep, an insignificant instant in an eternal journey.
I'm a shadow, a dark twin that lurks by day and fades by night.
I'm a torn page, an incomplete story with no beginning or end.
I'm a broken clock, frozen at a forgotten moment of truth.
I'm an ambiguity, maybe, maybe not...

When I'm gone...

Oh cuckoo that wakes him every morn!
Won't you sing a melancholy song,
the day I'm gone?

Oh rainbow outside his window!
Just one more color, won't you show,
the day I'm gone?

Oh fragrant flower in his way!
Your pretty head, won't you sway,
the day I'm gone?

Oh teardrop in his left eye!
A little sooner, won't you dry,
the day I'm gone?

Oh new moon, out of sight!
Won't you be his lover for a night,
the day I'm gone?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Stay awhile, will you?

You are my fleeting fantasy,
Rest awhile before you hurry away-
Just long enough to sing me a song...
Just long enough to write you a verse...

You are my sweet intoxicant,
Hold me awhile in your magical mirth-
Just long enough to profess my love...
Just long enough to lull me to sleep...

You are my unopened gift,
Stay awhile wrapped in ribbons-
Just long enough to stop this flutter...
Just long enough to guess your surprise...

You are my flowing poetry,
Remain awhile as stammered words-
Just long enough to finish this dream...
Just long enough to string you together...

You are my impending doom,
Wait awhile before destroying me-
Just long enough to feel your wrath...
Just long enough to hear my plea...

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Inspirational Art: courtesy Nithya ( A really good amateur artist!)

Crystal goblets, musically clinking
Sparkling stars, softly blurring
Imagined music, gently lilting
Warm intoxication, washing all over.

Blurted words, barely croaking
Leaden head, wildly throbbing
Numbed senses, slowly dying
Brutal intoxication, ravaging all over.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

May I not have just a bit of your morn?

May I not perch
on your window sill
and glimpse your creased forehead
and guess your last dream?
I promise, I will fly away into the dawn.

May I not ride
down a gleaming ray
and tickle your eyelids
and kiss you awake?
I promise, I will not stay too long.

May I not slide
into your morning papers
and peek at your face
and follow your gaze?
I promise, I will not leave my far corner.

May I not melt
into your dark coffee
and float up the steam
and whisper you a secret?
I promise, I will not cloud up your eyes.

May I not have just a bit of your morn?

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Midnight glory,
Fold around me
your celestial quilt.
Tell me a tale.

Raven Beauty,
Breathe into me
the mysterious dusk.
Sing me to sleep.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

His and Hers

An anger gushing with virulence, an anger so physical, it leaps out and grips you as tightly as his clenched fist, a temper so hot, you will wince if you touch that green vein pulsating against the stretched skin of his neck, an anger that hurls every object in sight, an anger caught, mangled and minced between two unsmiling rows of pearly teeth that seem incapable of such wrath, an anger that brings forth a cascade of unimaginable abuse, an anger swelling with spontaneous curses and threats rarely meant, an anger that sparks, blazes and reduces to cold ash- all within a quick throbbing moment, an anger that hurriedly slips through your fingers, an anger that leaves as remnants only repentance, profuse apology and not a trace of malice. Such is his anger- red to behold, searing to touch, loud to hear, fleeting in time, harmless while it is there, guileless once it is gone...

Silent anger that resides in her sharp glare, in her slow forceful walk, in her firmly set jaw, in the thin line of her mouth, a practised anger, its perfection visible in the controlled pace of her movements free of urgency, movements carefully designed to conceal her emotion, an anger that had no ears for pleas or reason, an anger chilled till you shiver in its iciness, an anger that simmers silently long after you think it has passed, an anger that strikes back with hurtful words when you least expect them, an anger that stores every moment away, committing them to memory to serve as fuel for some future wrath, an anger that never forgets, an anger that stays on for you to touch, remember and fear forever, an anger that leaves behind charred bitterness and a promise of return. Such is her anger- eternal embers that glow unnoticed, biding time as it awaits the wind of revenge, a spiteful fire that only her will can quell...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Caught Unawares

Is that all there is to a dream-come-true?

Life spiralled down into normalcy,
As I continue to wait for indulgent mirth.
The glorious moment slunk away silently,
leaving me no chance for leisurely reminiscence.

Is that all there is to a dream-come-true?

We still exchange the same pleasantries-
About the weather, the traffic, the bitter coffee.
Can't you see the bounce in my gait,
the glow on my face?

Is that all there is to a dream-come-true?

A thrill that raced past,
A smattering of disbelief, tears and prayer,
A faint recollection of sweet success,
rapidly replaced by dreams anew?

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