Run with me in my perpetual haste. Meander with me in my devious course. Wander with me in my desperate search. Slalom with me through my discordant vacillation. Wade with me through my hopeless misery. Sink with me in my unrequited love. Spin with me in my eddying emotion. Cruise with me through my youthful fantasy. Flow with me in my surging spontaneity. Swim with me in my divine euphony. Float with me in my phantasmal heaven. Whirl with me in my fragile bubble. Fly with me as I escape reality

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Let go!

Pilfer my wing
in a moment of inattention,
Hold it tight, stop
my flight, my fervor, my frenzy.

Cocoon us tight
in this ephemeral chimera,
Weave it closed, paint
a moon, the ocean, our reality.
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