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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Traffic jam in Bangalore

This morning on my way to work, being too sleepy to read, I decided to put my book down and just let Radio City lull me to sleep. Just as I was entering lala land, I was shaken out of my stupor when a large cow just walked across in front of my van with no warning whatsoever. The driver was caught unawares and I got a huge jolt when he hit the brakes, barely missing the cow. The ironical part is that while there were so many kind souls relieved that the cow was safe, the cow itself (that ideally should have been scared out of its wits) blissfully continued crossing the road without batting so much as an eyelid!

After this insightful experience that was an eye opener to the indifference of cows/buffaloes and other four legged pedestrians to the city's traffic no hope of sleeping remained. So I watched all the activity happening on the road.

The insanities:

There were these crazy car drivers who blare their horns away knowing full well that they can't move an inch forward/backward or in any direction at all.

There were young couples on bikes who are too busy hugging/talking/fighting/arguing to notice what the din is all about. Had the cow been on their path, the cow, guy and girl would be in some hospital now.

There were guys/gals on motorbikes/scooters who seemed to prefer the foot path to the road, thereby driving all the pedestrians to the middle of the road.

There were cyclists who jumped in front of your vehicle every now and then. And of course you get abused for not reacting in time if you crash into them.

Pedestrains who randomly decide to cross the road and are obviously unaware of the zebra crossing concept, just close their eyes, put their hand out, look straight and start crossing the road. There is a long line of cars with squealing brakes, but they walk on. At times they do this in pairs, completely lost in conversation, or even better- in large groups.

There are beggars who hold on to your leg or the car window and don't let go when the light turns green. Now you have to make a choice between pushing the beggar away, driving away and not care about him/her getting hurt or shut your ears to all the honking from behind while you fish out the money or begging the beggar to move and let you go. Whew! What a predicament....

There is the omnipresent auto driver who first wants to overtake you from the left and then drives right in front of you going zig zag zig zag........Now that is a sight! Finally when you are all set to overtake him, he just turns right without indication. You are lucky if you are still driving after this episode.If you abuse him, he will stop,look back, glare, stop the auto, walk all the way back, scream obscenties you've never heard before and then continue on his journey.

And the list is endless. Being a participant in this drama is just too traumatic and a terrible way to start the day. But observing the scene from a safe distance like a terrace or a shop window is safe and even entertaining.
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