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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Is this creative block????

I've just been posting forward after forward all week.

The words simply refuse to flow. I find nothing worth writing about. Not that there is nothing.... but I think I refuse to see it. I start on something and forget where I started. I manage to put a few paragraphs together...I read it again and delete it, disgusted with my own writing. I have no clue why this is happening. Is it just a case of creative block, or a lack of interest in the world around me, or is it that I'm just too lazy? It can't be laziness because I've been very busy getting through my long to-do list... Surely it can't be lack of things to write about either. Seems like the days are drifting past in a dim haze. I'm down in the dumps, glum, morose.....

This week's summary-
1.Acclimatized to my new team
2.Unsuccessful in finding roomies to move into a new house
3.Spent and still spending money like water
4.Got myself a book to make a to-do list everyday. Pats on my back, every item is checked at the end of the day.
5. I've been reading reading reading and reading some more. I'm making the time I guess.
6.I'm being bombarded with information. Now I understand the term "Information Explosion". My head's swirling with all the details.
8.Been spending huge amounts of time brooding/staring into space/thinking about life in general

Is this life?
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