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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I miss my dog....


I had a dog. His name was Scotty.He was a big, lazy, fawn colored labrador. He was friendly and would jump on me every time I went home. He would climb onto my bed and sleep on my sheets, sometimes he would even try to find my face under the sheets. Cannot really call him a very active dog. But he does have these spurts of activity when he just runs around the house with some toy of his, trying to get me to chase him.

He could smell chocolates/candy/ice creams/ anything sweet from miles away. You just need to open the ice cream pack and within the wink of an eye, a dog that was in a 4 hr long slumber is at your feet, sniffing away at the ice cream in your hand. But one look at his sweet face and you will happily give away most of it to him. Scotty was the best dog in the world!

He could sense it if I cry. If I so much as sulk, he will be at my side, bury his head in my lap, lick my face, make small loving howls. And he will stay with me till I give him a pat and a hug and of course, something to eat.

And boy!!! Was he a jealous dog??? If I returned from a friend's place after playing with his/her dog..... there goes my dress. He would be all over me, jumping around, showing all his displeasure. He would bark and jump and run behind me till I have a shower and hide my clothes.

I still remember, when he was teething... when he was about 2 months old, my hands were his teething bones. For a couple of months, my hands all the way up to my arms looked like I was wearing gloves with a red crisscross pattern.

He used me as his scratching post at times. He would rub his back against my legs and go in circles to his heart's content.

I just had to utter the word "cat" ( when he is awake of course!) and he'll run to the door, sniffing away for some imaginary cat. And if he really spotted one he would chase it till it's out of sight. Once my heroic dog ran behind a cat and sprained his ankle, rather some part of his leg. So we carried him down the stairs every time he needed to piss for a whole week. Imagine carrying a big, fat 25 kg labrador. Whew....

When we took him on walks..... all the kids on the street were his fans, and they would run down to play with him. He was more popular than his owner(poor me).My dog, he really gave me a complex.

When he was six, he suddenly fell sick (which was a couple of months ago)and he was on drips for 2 whole weeks. Oh how I cried, how I feared he will die. But sadly, after he recovered he had to go. My folks decided they could not manage the dog anymore. Moreover they did not want him to die at home( I still fail to see the rationale behind it). So one fine day, I was left moping around bereft of my silent friend.

Some kind soul adopted him. He's in a farm now. I really hope he's happy. I know he will miss me. And I miss him sooooooooooooooooooooo much. iIm sure he knows I will write this in his memory. So here's a Hugeeeeeee hug for my dear Scotty, wherever he is.
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